Valco Melton: Making quality visible

21st February 2019

Valco Melton: Making quality visible

Guaranteeing a 'zero defect' product delivery to customers is the main challenge for corrugated and folding carton manufacturers right now. Monitoring is key to ensure that no faulty product is missed. With more than 64 years of experience, ClearVision, the quality assurance brand of Valco Melton, develops camera-based systems to detect and identify defective gluing (in hot melt or cold glue patterns), folding, barcodes, print registration, corrugator scores, registration marks, joint gaps and braille dots.

Thanks to the BoxChek7 inspection software, it is now possible to easily control up to six cameras from one single screen. Dave Swedes, Vice-President Engineering & Manufacturing of Valco Melton, points out that 'no other partner offers the array of options to tailor vision-based quality systems to the issues you are experiencing on your lines, with equipment that feels as familiar and user-friendly as your mobile phone'. Technical features of BoxChek7 systems for corrugated and folding carton applications will be presented by Dave Swedes at the CCE Open Seminar.

Answering corrugated manufacturers’ demands for versatile and simple glue solutions that can quickly adapt to production changes and save having glue stations on both sides of the machine, the non-contact glue station 3NCR can easily be switched to apply top-down or bottom-up, depending on the production requirements. The key advantage of 3NCR is its tool-less reversing mechanism. By simply pulling on the spring pin, internal clamps are released and allow the entire valve and tip-sealer mechanism to be reversed.

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